How hard is TOO hard?

"Power to the Pedals" workout at the gym today.

1st week after the "recovery" week which still had some intervals but just fewer and shorter.

Today I did 5 one minute independent leg intervals and 6 thirty second seated sprints.

I think I've mentioned previously that my left leg is much weaker than my right when doing the ILT intervals. I'm handling that by not worrying about keeping up the 90RPM cadence on the left leg as specified in the program.

Oddly, I found that on the last interval with the left leg I actually hit 90 without even thinking about it. Maybe it's more about my form than strength?

The seated sprints were the hardest. I go 30 seconds trying to keep to 100RPM at a resistance level of 16 on the trainer. This gets my heart rate up to 90% and I get a little short of breath by the last couple of intervals.

I found that I was a little light headed after this workout and just a touch, just a touch mind you, nauseous.

I'm a "follow-the-instructions" kind of guy and I'm trying to follow the program but I have to remember that the program is not specifically geared to "masters" (old people).

I don't like to make excuses but on the other hand, not overdoing it and/or burning out is wisdom.

This is a line to walk.

There's no way to work it out except by doing it and learning your body as you go.

I think that's cool.

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