Black Arm Band

I'm telling everybody that I'm going to wear a black arm band until next ski season!

This was my third year skiing but I feel like I really skied this year.

I got to that place of "flow" that you seek in all skilled activities. Rather than being concerned about whether I could handle a run or about being able to slow myself down sufficiently to be comfortable with a particular trail, I sought speed and steeps and more challenging terrain.

I "attacked" the slopes rather than crept up on them.

I commented to Mrs. MTBMan1 how much we laughed this year. Partly from the exhilaration and partly from the craziness of this 60 something guy pushing his limits when some people are pushing their walkers!

Of course, I have yet to catch Mrs. MTBMan1 on the slopes! ;-)

It's her birthday today but I'm not going to reveal how young she is!

Her birthday wish was to ski today but it's not to be. Our local and affordable slopes are all closed now and it's raining. Boo-hoo!

So I'll go dig out my black arm band and try not to dream about next season!

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