Ski Day 10. Sugarbush

Sugarbush is quickly becoming a favorite. Long runs with interesting terrain. Big (for the East) mountain skiing. The only reason we don't go more often is 1.price and 2. distance (almost 4 hours for us).
This year we've had 2 good price deals. The first one was a no-strings $14 all-mountain lift ticket on Valentine's Day. Very generous of Sugarbush, I thought.
Mrs. MTBMan1 and I went, of course. We spent one night with some rels in Rutland the night before and met up with Mrs. MTBMan1's sister and her husband who live about 1-1/2 hrs. south east of the hill.
Conditions were quite good as I remember it. Lots of soft snow and most trails open although not 100%.
We parked at Mt. Ellen  and proceeded to warm up on a few green trails. A real favorite green turned out to be Northway. It's narrow and flat like a cross-country trail but very beautiful and shrouded in white coated evergreens.
Overall favorite on Mt. Ellen is Rim Run from the top. Wide, with a spectacular view and good snow.
The Slide Brook quad was running over to Lincoln Peak so we took that. The ride is 12 minutes with great views. The first time is particularly exhilarating as we were not use to facing and moving DOWN slopes as well as up.
On Lincoln Peak we stuck with the Gate House Express Quad and the lower part of North Lynx Peak.
A nice run was Sleeper. The first part of the blue section of Sleeper was closed so we had to go down Sleeper Chutes which is black diamond but I managed to slip slide my way down that and then back into the blue square part of the trail. Lots of fluffy powder and trees. Very pretty. Another favorite.

Everyone in our party had a great time. Kudos to Sugarbush for a memorable and pleasurable outing!

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