Ski day 13 - Sugarbush

Thanks to Warren Miller, we had another fine day of skiing at Sugarbush at price that met our $30 or less price limit criteria (free).
Also a pleasant surprise was $100 for a room at the Golden Lion Inn right at the base of the Sugarbush access road. Amazing! Breakfast included!
Mrs. MTBMan1 and I went up on Thursday, Feb. 28th, stayed the night and skied the next day, March 1st.
They had got a nice dump on the previous Wednesday so they were 100% open and conditions were quite good but it was raining the whole way up on Thursday. I kept waiting for it to change over to snow as we approached the mountain but it never did. I tried not to get upset (not very successful).
However, we did have a great day.
We didn't realize it but that turned out to be Vermont and NH's school vacation week so it was quite crowded in the lodge at Lincoln Peak. Also, getting established on Lincoln Peak required quite a bit of hoofing from the parking lot up to the lodge. Very tiring. (note to self: park at Mt. Ellen next time, much simpler. Then take the Slide Brook quad or the shuttle over to Lincoln Peak,)

We took the Gate House Express Quad up to the halfway point on North Lynx Peak and warmed up on Pushover, a green trail before heading out to Mt. Ellen on the Slide Brook.
As we did on Valentine's Day we warmed up on the lovely green circle, Northway before heading up to Rim Run at the top.
Now, there was a problem. The entire top third of Mt. Ellen was shrouded in a dense cloud. Visibility was very bad. Almost white-out conditions. After awhile I started to lose my orientation as to where the trail ended and the cloud began or even up and down! Not good. We scooted off there pretty quick and made no more attempts on the peaks.

Eventually we made our way back over to Lincoln Peak and ended our day there. I made one attempt at the top of North Lynx Peak on Birch Run, a blue square. The snow was excellent but the run had got a bit bumpy by then which is not my cup of tea. Fortunately, the trail was wide with tree islands and the right side of the trail had got less traffic and was pretty manageable for me. Nevertheless, after that I stuck to the lower part of the hill.
My pick for the rest of the afternoon was Pushover to Overshot to Sleeper which bypassed the Chutes.
So, green to blue.
Thanks, Sugarbush for making your Warren Miller freebie all-mountain! Do it again next year! :-)

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