Ski day 14 - Mt. Snow - speed kills

Kills my quads that is. And not actually speed but the G-forces of big carved turns. Ok. Best day of the season so far. Got my first senior ticket (turned 65 on 2/14). And I had $34 in credit from last year so I only had to pay $23 for the ticket.($58-35, don't know why they gave me the extra dollar).
They were 100% open except for one trail over on Carinthia that they were building up for a rail jam or something on the weekend.
Absolutely killed my quads on 17 runs. Snow was great although quite a few trails were on the bumpy side. I did come to terms somewhat with the bumps though. Did some exploring. After a couple of warm up runs on Long John and then Deer Run I skipped over to the Sunbrook side and checked out a couple of trails that weren't open the last time I was there. Big and Little Dipper. They were blue squares but ungroomed so there were some bumps along with some soft powder and some hard pack.  I had already planned out what I was going to do the next time i encountered bumps: side slide and/or 180 degree hop/stop turns all the way down. That worked out pretty good. I was even able to actually pick a line and do some moving turns. Big accomplishment this year.
After Sunbrook I tried to get to the westernmost side of the main face or even do River Run which is the one blue square on the North Face. In the process I did not find River Run but did One More Time which is the westernmost run on the Main Face. That turned out to be quite bumpy with thin cover and ice although not very steep. I did even better here than on the dippers but the trail was quite long and really tired me out so I didn't do that one again.
Favorite run of the day turned out to be Snowdance, a long, wide and even intermediate run with no bumps or hardpack. I did garlands all the way down so it really extended the length of the run. A real quad killer but I just loved it.
Conditions were great, not crowded, sun came out .... what's not to like?

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