Sunday: Charles' Hill of the week

Today for our Sunday early AM ride (6:30 to 9), Charles and I rode out to the Thatcher Park area which is part of the Helderberg escarpment. We rode up to Pinnacle road but did not take the more difficult route up Beaver Dam road and then up Pinnacle. Rather we came up behind Pinnacle, as it were, up Indian Ledge road which is still a pretty good climb, and then down Pinnacle Road and Beaver Dam.
It was a great day. Cool, partly sunny, still, except for a little time when we approached the escarpment when some gusts blew by. A presage of Fall in the air. I felt somehow like I was on vacation in a National Park. Some gorgeous views coming down Pinnacle Road and Beaver Dam.
My front derailleur performed flawlessly, a great relief. Just about 30 miles round trip.
Here's the map:

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