Revisiting the Killer Hill!

This Sunday at 6:30AM I met Charles down in Feura Bush for our usual weekly ride. We rode out to a hill that I blogged (and complained) about before as a "killer" hill. It wasn't all that bad this time, as I thought it wouldn't be. I have learned to pace myself for one thing and of course I'm stronger cause I've done a lot worse hills that this often since then.
It was a perfect morning after a lot of rainy and stormy days. Cool, a little presage of fall in the air. We rode out from Feura Bush up Collabeck Road and then Rarick, Rowe and on to RTE 301. Yesterday, I encountered a bicycle race going in the opposite direction here.
From there we continued west on 301 to where it turned north to Clarksville but we stayed straight on to 109 and up the hill. Then right on Derbyshire, the next right on Scutt and then turned south on 312 to the top. Because of time contraints we just went to the top and turned around rather than completing the loop south. I noticed a lot of orange salamanders dead on the road here. Then we went back north on 312 to Clarksville where we looped back.
Door to door for me this was about 29 miles. Yesterday I did 38 with more or less the same start but turned north to clarksville towards Thatcher Park instead of going up 109. Of course you don't care unless you live around here. Even then, maybe you don't care. ;-)
Here' the route!

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