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Whew! Working full time sure cuts into my bike riding. :-(
And my blogging. Full-time-and-a-half I should say! Been working 8+ hour days plus Fri nights and weekends. Oh, well. I'm getting paid by the hour. Might as well make hay while the su....
Actually we haven't had a lot of sun either. Lots of rain, thunder showers, etc.
Today was pretty nice, though.
First ride I've taken over 10 miles since last weekend.
This time I experimented with a route that I thought would avoid active train crossings.
I did miss one and I did have to stop for a train! Fortunately it was at the end so I only stopped for a few seconds.
Had a lot of trouble with my front derailleur. It has started throwing the chain. Then it wouldn't shift onto the big ring
After I got home I adjusted it so it would shift then when I test rode it, it threw the chain off the small ring!
Can't figure it. Maybe I need a new chain? Rings?
Anyhoo, here are the stats for today: Av HR 130, an hour and 17 in Zone 3, that was nice. about 45 min in Zone 4. 36 miles in 2-1/2 hours. Average speed13.8mph. Not bad considering I couldn't shift into the big ring.
One nice thing about election years. All the back roads get paved. Nice! That's one thing that benefits bikes as well as cars.
I need some new rides. Where's Charles?
Here's the route for you locals!

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