Recording on the cheap

Those of you who have followed this blog know that one of the main themes has been skiing on the cheap. Downhill skiing is typically an expensive sport, not one that I can afford at MSRP. But I have been able to do quite well with a self imposed limit of $30 for a lift ticket. You just have to pay attention.
Now that I am getting into audio recording I find that I can do the same thing, i.e. setup a studio with little to no money. I'm quite pleased at how it's working out.
For example, there are a ton of great plug-ins and virtual instruments that can  be had free for the download. Plug-ins are software add-ins for your recording program that create effects like reverb and echo and simulate equipment like compressors and equalizers.
As for real physical equipment, I found a midi keyboard in perfect working order complete with stand, sustain pedal and power brick on the side of the street for trash pickup. A friend gave me another midi controller that he wasn't using any more. When I needed a snare and some brushes, I borrowed them from friends. I borrowed a mic and a djembe drum from my church and so on.

Other essential equipment: my ears and brain ... included at no extra charge! ;-)

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