I Like Winter!

I was chatting with someone I hadn't seen for awhile tonight and asked how he was doing with the winter. As is so common with people here in the NorthEast, he complained about it. I, in my turn, told him that I like the winter. He said, well, yeah, you ski. But I realized this winter that I ski partly because I like winter not the other way around. I like the cold, the wind, the snow.

I like to bundle up with all my gear. I've found that it helps a lot with enjoyment of the season to dress appropriately. You see a lot of people running around with no gloves, hats, light jackets or sweaters. Of course they're cold!

Mrs. MTBMan1 and I took a walk in a county "park" called Lawson Lake last week. The ground at the house was clear and Lawson was only 15 minutes away so we expected to be walking on bare or only partly covered ground. Well there was maybe a foot or more of snow on the trail!

We walked for awhile but decided to turn back because it was the kind of snow where it will support you for a few steps and then suddenly break through. We didn't want to get hurt. It was a beautiful, bluebird day, though!

I was having visions of coming back with cross-country skis and did just that the next day. It was pretty nice. I didn't do any serious hills because I'm a bit out of shape and a (great) bit overweight and the now was soft, deep and wet. Not good for trying to control cross-country skis at downhill speeds. I did bail on one hill but I was pleased at my new-this-year getting-up skills!

I'd like to get snowshoes. They would have been perfect for those conditions.

So call me Nanuk of the North or Admiral Perry or Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, I don't care!

See you on the hill!

Tomorrow .... Plattekill Mtn. in the Catskills with my friend Mike and his son.

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