Beware the Last Run

Went skiing at Bromley in Vermont today. It was a 10! Literally. I found this site "My Snow watcher" that rates 3 days of the resorts that you choose to track.

The ratings are 1 to 10 with 10 being the best conditions. And they weren't wrong!

The snow was gorgeous and it was snowing lightly all day. It wasn't too crowded and the temp was 32° at the base. Colder and windier up top but the quad was quick.

Anyway, as I've said before, I usually get in trouble by doing one more run after I should quit.

We were doing pretty well, strength and energy wise and we were doing our predecided upon last run and we took an easy run too but maybe it was overconfidence, I found myself on ice on a narrow trail side sloping towards the woods going too fast. It happened pretty quick so I decided to bail rather than risk getting into the woods with a nasty looking ravine amongst the trees.

I was going pretty fast. I flipped over a couple of times and felt the yard sale getting laid out. Poles here, skis there, arms over there. I felt everything pretty loosely so I wasn't afraid of getting hurt and I slid for a good ways after I stopped rolling.
When I stopped I was in position to get right up on my feet and gave the guy behind me a big grin and a thumbs up when he looked to see if I was OK.

It was kind of fun.

The real problem was, I couldn't find one of my skis!

Mrs. MTBMan1 came up behind. She hadn't seen the spill (wish I had that one on video!) but from the fact that I was covered with snow from head to foot figured that I had taken a fall.

Seeing the one ski, she asked me if I skied the trail on one. But no, I couldn't figure out what happened to the other ski.

I retraced my imprints in the snow from where I started the bail and checked out the various possible trajectories for my ski.

I finally found it out toward the ravine that I was headed for. It apparently had flown through the air like a missile and embedded itself in the snow at just such an angle that it wasn't visible until I came right up on it. They have the stoppers on them so they won't slide on the snow when released but this one took right off through space!

It really was fun but of course I'm glad I didn't get hurt. Just got a scrape on my shin from something.

Great day with a lot of memories.

Oh, yeah, total cost for the day ... $29!

Here's a pic of Mrs. MTBMan1 reveling in God's creation .... the parabolic ski!

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