OK. I've got to get back with the program. Since daylight savings, I have dropped closer and closer to zero miles per week of riding. The weekend is the only time I get a ride in, if that.

I may have to get to the gym at 5:45AM. Ugh!

Today, at any rate, I did get a ride in. It was a bit on the cool side and I think I overdid it on the layers. I was sweating but cold on the skin, if that makes any sense.

I rode the Trek MTB mainly so I could wear regular hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks, my thin ski socks and then a pair of "SmartWools" over that (the Trek has regular pedals so I don't have to wear the bike shoes with cleats).

The Trek is problematic because the seat post keeps slipping down making pedaling more difficult. I got an extended length seat post for it because the frame is small for me but my LBS guy couldn't find me a post of the right diameter so we had to go with a shim. I think the metal of the shim is too slippery or something. It just won't stay extended and it really kills my quads as the post gets shorter and shorter during the ride. I've got the clamp as tight as I can get it. I may try going back to the regular post. It's shorter but at least it stays put (I think).

And let's not talk about my weight!

But on the bright side .... we're going skiing next Wednesday! :-) Maybe I'll have pics.

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