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Today I figured I'd better do something (fitness-wise, that is) so I decided to take a 1/2 hour run after I got out of work (4pm).
The way I look at it, I've got about 1/2 hour of decent daylight right now to do something outdoors and 1/2 hour of running is probably a better workout than 1/2 hour of cycling. Although now as I write that I realize I could just up the intensity of the cycling.

Anyhow, there's less prep for me to just strap on my heart-rate monitor and run out the door (and change my shirt, and setup my gps, sigh.)

I could run longer than the daylight holds out too since I feel more comfortable running facing traffic than riding a bike with traffic in the dark (I need a new blinky-light for the bike too, my current one goes off during use).

I walked 5 minutes as a warm-up, then ran for 20 and then cooled down for another 5.

I intended to take it easy but boy after two weeks of doing nothing (my last significant sore-makin' activity was one day of skiing on the 16th) my quads are killing me!

So I'm quite pleased with today's activity. I ran for 2.25 miles in 30 minutes (includes 10min of walking) with an average heart rate of 125.

Tomorrow, I may just walk to recover. If I'm feeling this sore now, it should be a killer tomorrow. Now that I mention it, I'm starting to feel my calves too. Better do some stretching before going to bed or I may wake up with a massive charlie horse!

Now that hurts, don' it?

Here's the route I took, it's on gpsed.com:

run 12-28-2009 | Author Ghalbedel | free Mobile GPS Tracking Service

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