I love winter!

... and not just because of skiing. I like it when bike riding or just "being". What is it I like about it? I 'm not sure. Maybe there's something of solitude in it. Few people are out and about although it doesn't stop people in cars. It's one of those melancholy things for me. Something about death and ending. Not to be morbid but there is a time to die, as in, rest from our labors and be quiet, doing nothing.

I rode my bike today, first time in a week at least. It was in the 40s, overcast, threatening rain. In other words, a yummy late fall day. Starting to get a little windy but not bad. I suited up appropriately (long sleeve jersey, windbreaker, full-finger gloves, smartwool socks, shoe covers and Buff headgear) and it was only an hour ride so no problem there with comfort.

Did one of my 2 favorite 1 hours loops, up orchard hill onto Bullock road and back via New Scotland South Rd.

Scenic and quiet.

The one problem with this loop is that there are 3 active railroad crossings and you can get stuck waiting for a long, slow train to pass. Once, I even had to turn around because the train was broken down in the crossing.

But this time, no trains. I didn't even hear any. You can hear them at any point on this entire route but sometimes you hear them but miss them crossing. Usually a good thing. Although rarely I don't mind taking the rest!

It was good to get out and I certainly felt more alert and alive afterwards. My legs made me go!

Here is today's route:

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