Why Johnny can't ski ...

More precisely, why is MTBMan1 a train wreck on skis the first day of the season?

I've got to find a good way to warm up on the slope within the first couple of runs.

Today was our first day of the season and we went to Windham, a friendly little hill we are fond of in the Catskill Mountains of New York, about 50 minutes away from our home.

We first went on a green trail to warm up and even there I was not feeling stable on the skis. Nothing was groomed but they were making a lot of snow so you had soft stuff piled up here and there and icy patches around too.

For the second run, we intended to do another green but got on the wrong lift by mistake and had to take a blue down. That was tough. Again soft stuff and icy patches ... unpredictable. On the plus side, I got lots of practice getting up from falls. It exhausted me and I had to take a fifteen minute break in an Adirondack chair before I could continue.

After that things improved. They kept making snow and it was windy so it got blown around and seemed to make a more even layer of packed powder over all. Sherbert snow I call it. Creamy. mmmmmm. Plus they groomed one of the green runs and it held up the rest of the day.

So I wound up having fun finally.

But here's the kicker. Mrs. MTBMan1 had no problem at all. After the third run she says "I got my ski legs back". ("Shut up!") And she's still faster than me no matter what I do. Here were my rationalizations:
1. I'm fat
2. I'm old
3. My skis are too long.
4. she has better skis.
5. I'm heavier than she is

Maybe she's just a better natural skier, hmmm?

This happens every ski day, though. I'm just terrible on the first couple of runs,i.e. NOT HAVING FUN! Of course I continue 'cause I know from experience that it will get better.

Maybe this will be the impetus I need to get back in the gym.

Anyway I've GOT to find a better way to warm up.

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