Finally! Our turn!

Yes, we finally got some snow here in upstate NY! About a foot where I live. Wet, heavy white stuff! Then ... r..r..r..RAIN! There I said it.

Oh, well. Not so good down here but I think it was all snow up in the mountains where it counts!

I did get a good workout shoveling. I'm very careful these days to lift with the legs to spare my back. I have some disc degeneration in the extreme lower portion of my back but it's been OK. Does not affect skiing or cycling at all. In fact, cycling has helped it immensely.

So after shoveling for a couple of hours ... bend the knees, extend the knees, fling snow ... my quads were really feeling it. Not as much as a day of skiing, though.

I also have to watch out for my right shoulder which probably has a rotator cuff injury. I have never got it checked out but so far it's manageable. I am careful when I fling the snow off the shovel that I don't extend that arm to it's furthest extent. Also when cycling I have learned to NOT pull from the shoulders when climbing. It only takes one hard pull to set that shoulder back.

We are supposed to get more snow and more rain here in the Albany area but they are predicting all snow up at Whiteface which is where we are planning on going this Tuesday. By Monday the snow should stop and Tuesday will be sunny if the weather cooperates with the forecast! Perfect.
Here is a shot of our driveway before I started shoveling (the second time).

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