How easy should a recovery ride be?

I know how hard the hard ride should be ... as hard as you can. Not really any limit. As hard as you have the tolerance for pain.

But the recovery rides ... should it be easy as you can make it, say just spin over 80 rpm but not hard enough to "feel" it?

Or should you just ride not as hard as you can but still sweat and breathe hard and feel it?

Well this morning's ride was definitely on the easy side. I needed to take it easy one more day. I was still feeling sore from the previous 8 days straight of riding every day. Monday I didn't ride at all but did an upper body workout at the gym, the first since April!

By the way, my ranking in the MapMyRide LeTour Challenge is 865th out of 11,427 riders!

The GPS worked OK this morning but I think it's shorting me a mile each ride. On the map it created I notice that instead of following the road per my actual ride, it just drew a straight line across non-road areas as the crow flies for certain twisty-turny sections.

In some ways it's a convenience, in some ways it's just another hassle.

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