Why I can't lose!

Over 2 years ago, my wife got me to go downhill skiing with her. I got hooked. But there was one problem: the snow goes away.
So, I looked for some off season activity that might help and Harald Harb suggested cycling.
So I got hooked. But there was one problem: sometimes, in the winter, I am not able to go downhill skiing (you have to go to a mountain with a lift) and there's too much snow on the roads to bike.
So, there's cross-country skiing. I have places 5 and 10 minutes away where I can do that.
And of course there's always the gym as the last resort. :-) I have a $10/mo membership at Planet Fitness. How can you beat that?
Yesterday I went XC skiing at a place near me called 5 Rivers Environmental Education Center run by the NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation. It's about 5 minutes away and it's restricted to skiers, snowshoers and walkers. No motorized vehicles.
It was a perfect day so there were a lot of people there but once you get out to the outer boundaries, you're pretty much alone.
There is an outside loop there that takes me just under an hour. Very nice.
This Saturday I plan on going with my friend Brad. He has some nice trails near his house in Berne.
Here are some pics from Sunday. Nothing too spectacular here. Just woods, woods and more woods!

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