Saturday Bike Path Ride

Mrs. MTBMan1 and I had a nice ride along the Mohawk-Hudson bike path here in the NY Capitol District.

I've mentioned this before. We have ridden other parts of it and I have ridden it from my house in Delmar, a suburb on the south-west of Albany to Schenectady where I lost it when it fizzled out in the city.

But actually, it continues through Schenectady and picks up again on the western side of the city.

This is where my wife and I picked up the trail on Saturday.

We were surprised to find it is really one of the nicest sections of the trail. It is very shady; lots of tall, old trees, some bending precipitously over the path. There are gorgeous views of the Mohawk river and Lock 8 on the old Erie Canal Towpath. Lots of NY history here.

The path from Schenectady west is more winding, narrow and rolling than other parts of the trail making it more fun actually although less conducive to relaxed side-by-side chatting. You've got to pay attention!

One of my goals is to ride the entire bike path from my house and back in a day; a total of 88 miles. So far, I have done 60 miles on it in one trip.


Here's a map of the east-west leg:
Mo-Hud Bike Trail:Cohoes to Rotterdam Junction

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