Pitcher takin' ride!

Today's ride was 35 miles. One of my regulars. I decided to take some pictures this time. I like to have the pictures but I don't like stopping for them.
Here's my physical report for the ride:
back: excellent (i have occasional lower back problems)
shoulder: good except when I went to open the restroom door (i have a problem with my right shoulder, mostly on my mountain bike)
Knees: good (have a history of "tweaky knees")
hand: good (my left hand is still recovering from my accident in the spring. I am going to see an orthopedic surgeon on monday)

Here's the narrative in pics:

Starting out in the "neighborhood"

The bypass. Getting warmed up now. You can see a bit of the Helderbergs peeking through in the distance

You can see more of the Helderbergs here

My first hill, Van Dyke Road, the approach

The hill

Meads Lane, a nice 2 mile, mostly flat, mostly straight, no stop signs or cross streets, low traffic. Good for interval workouts and sprints.

More Meads. Farm country.

Farmhouse on Meads. There's a family cemetery over on the left below the tree

Meads Lane. Hilly meadows.

Cow pasture

I always just miss getting through the train crossing. I heard this one coming but couldn't beat it. I was there with three other cyclists.

You can just see the beginning of the "formerly dread" Orchard Hill Road

Other cyclists out on this beautiful day

From the top of Orchard Hill Road. I'm NOT going to stop in the middle of the hill to take a picture! At least, not yet.

The Helderberg Escarpment from Bullock Road. We're not going up there today.

Koonz Road in Voorheesville (lots of Dutch names around here). A nice respite on a hot day!

Koonz Road

View from Hennesey Road. The cell and radio towers on the Helderbergs

The Escarpment

The halfway point. 17.5 miles. Corner of Hennesey and Rte. 201. The glorious Raleigh.

The country club. Mostly downhill from here. Hammer time.

Albany in the hazy distance! Then home!

Tomorrow: 6AM ride with Charles before church. I wonder what hellish climb he has planned?

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    It's funny how flat the hills look in the picture. That Van Dyke hill was a bitch... we used that hill for hill workouts in track.

    Glad you could enjoy such a beautiful day. I love the hometown! <3 Stephy

  2. MTB Man Says:

    Yes, I was disappointed that the picture didn't show the hill as it really is. ;-)