Best Ski day ever

Yes, I had my best ski day ever last week on Wed, Jan 11 at Jiminy Peak in Hancock, MA in the Berkshires. Even though we have had the worst winter since I started skiing in 2007. I think the ski areas especially here in the East have done a heroic job with snowmaking. I have had all good days skiing so far. Surface conditions have all been good it's just that the open terrain has been limited. We need a good nor'easter. We have not had nary a one yet this winter.
So, anyway, why was it my best day ever? Factors: quick lift=lots of runs/hr, better carving skis, decent surface conditions.
Last year I struggled with my 174cm, Salomon Xfree 8s. I think they're too long for me plus too narrow underfoot (62mm) and not much side-cut. Hard to turn.
This year I rented for the season from butternut, 160cm Rossy Bandit's and from my first day I noticed a huge difference. Now I'm carving much easier (still have to think about it, though) and am able to get into a rhythm and keep it up the whole run. Much more fun.
I don't know how many runs I did at Jiminy. Let's just say "a bunch". Felt it some in the quads but not bad. I really could have kept going. Probably could have tried some more challenging runs. That would have worn me out.
I'm using side-slipping too to slow down to a near stop, giving me a chance to check things out on a dicey slope. I find that fun.
Now I'm really getting that weightless moment at the weight-shift point on a carve and that feeling of abandonment to "falling" down the mountain yet in control.
I feel like I'm really skiing now.

Closest I came to getting hurt? In the lift line, of course. I was coming back into the singles line from straight down the mountain and someone was heading into the same line from the side. We both should have stopped. I guess we were both expecting the other one to stop. No harm really, except to pride. We were barely moving.

Next stop: Stratton in Vermont on Wed with Mrs. MTBMan1!

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