A little fartlek

Speedplay. I like to do this. Nothing "serious". I might start out a ride as I did Friday with no training objective in mind except to get "some exercise" and enjoy the ride.

But I like to stretch my legs, if you will. Pump 'em. And if I'm not serious about doing a recovery ride, that's what I'll do.

Then when I get warmed up, I'll start hammering. Maybe not flat out maxxed out but getting the old heart rate up there around 85%.

Especially when I do my usual 1 hour 15 mile after work "Dunkin' Donut" route. Because I'm so used to sections that are good for sprinting, I'll usually fall into that if I'm not doing some specific training routine.

So Friday's ride was like that. The weather was great. I wore my RRW4L jersey.

I had a little trouble with shifting onto the small chainring. Need to adjust that before my next ride. Also I wiped but did not lube my chain after riding in the rain earlier in the week (shame!)

Tomorrow (Sunday) will do a ride with Mrs. MTBMan1 and then Monday AM with Charles.

Pushing 1500. Will I make 2000 this year?

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