Video premier! Quest for Righteous Pavement!

Finally got a ride in today but my front wheel speed sensor for my new computer was acting up. Those sensor/magnet positions are sure fussy!

I rode an aerobic workout. Three 10 minute hard intervals followed by 5 minutes of easy spinning.

I got my handlebar camera mount reinstalled and took some video of a couple of favorite bits of roller road on the Dunkin' Donut route.

Here is my first roller at the end of Van Dyke before Meads:

This is going west on Game Farm Road before the bridge over the Beaver Dam.

This is going back east over the same section. Check that groovy (smooth) pavement! MMM-MMM-MMM!

If these videos don't play right, come here.

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  1. Melinda Says:

    Love the videos! If I close my eyes it sounds like you are going REALLY fast. Do I detect a grunt or two at the end of the last one :-)?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very good!! Thanks for the videos. One thing is for sure, you are much faster than me. I remember you talking about your camera. But I forgot which one you bought. You have such a great place to ride. CG

  3. MTB Man Says:

    What do you mean SOUNDS really fast? :-)

    Yes, those are grunts coming through!

  4. MTB Man Says:

    I never bought a new camera. I'm still using the old one that I broke skiing. It only records 30 seconds of video at a time and shuts down if I hit a bump. That's why the one going west on Game Farm Road is only 19 seconds long!

  5. MTB Man Says:

    Yes, I really appreciate my area!