Some new stuff!

I am a subscriber to the premium site. There is a feature called "What's on" that is a list of items that the site's principals, Ed Pavelka and Fred Matheny are trying out.

Based on my review of that list, I bought 3 items recently and I am pleased with all of them.

The first is the Halo II head band.

I have a "Buff" headgear

which is great for cold weather and you can make a head band out of it but it's then too thick and too tight and it gives me a headache. The Halo II also has a plastic channel that shunts sweat out the sides so that it doesn't get into your eyes.

Another item I got was the Crank Brothers Speed Lever.
This is a tire lever that telescopes and snaps on to the axle and helps with getting the tire on and off.

The last thing and the most exciting is the OPTX 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals.

These are plastic lenses that adhere to my biking glasses by molecular attraction. They solve one of my most annoying cycling problems, the inability to see my computer numbers or my heart rate monitor while riding. They work great. Hey, bifocal sun lenses for $7!? How can you beat that?

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