Shut up and ride!

I really wanted to get a decent ride in today (Sunday)but the forecast was for thunderstorms.

Now you know how thunderstorms are. Very localized. Sometimes they just don't happen.

It was looking kind of dark and in fact, it was raining a bit when I set out.

But I just set myself to do it and I'm so glad I did. It turned out to be a beautiful day, almost perfect, in fact.

It start to rain a little heavier and I thought I was in for it.

Last year I got in the habit of carrying a ziplock bag to put my wallet and cell phone into if it rained but I haven't done that yet this year. However I have started carrying disposable latex gloves in case my chain comes off (it did) so I just stuffed my wallet and phone into them.

But the rain never amounted to anything and I didn't get any more for the rest of the ride even though it did get dark and threatening at times.

I didn't see a single other rider until 2 hours into the ride. Then I saw lots. I don't know if everybody started out later or what.

I had a little friendly competition. 2 guys came up behind me and one of them passed me. I picked up my pace so the 2nd guy didn't get by and I passed the 1st one. We leapfrogged one more time and then I didn't see them again but this really got me going and I hammered it the rest of the way home. Felt great, of course.

The moral of the story is: when in doubt, ride on out!

Oh, here's my route. It was almost 39 miles and took me three hours.

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